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Is your cookie-cutter website no longer cutting it?

Website builders are fantastic (we love those, too!), but if you’ve outgrown some of the tools included with them, your business needs specialized features, or you want to use the latest technologies (like AI) before your current platform launches it, then you might be ready for a website that’s built to work just for you. 

Depending on your specific needs, we can tailor off-the-shelf products like WordPress and Drupal or build your site from the ground up using PHP frameworks like Laravel, Ruby on Rails, or others. No matter the size of your business or the industry you’re in, there are many reasons to consider a custom website.

Display of custom website designs

What a custom website from By the Pixel can do for you

Generate leads

Turn more qualified leads into conversions using a web strategy honed by experts with years of experience

Sell more

Build or improve an eCommerce solution using Shopify, Squarespace, and more

Rule your SEO

Demonstrate your expertise and improve your domain authority with content strategy and link-building

Share your work

Show off the impact of your work by displaying sortable projects, blogs, FAQs, and/or portfolios to grow your share of voice

Differentiate yourself

Use custom web design and content strategy to make your brand stand out in even the most crowded spaces

Update with ease

Enable quick and easy content updates with a custom content management system

Protect your data

Control access to information with multiple dedicated login areas, custom code, and other safety measures

Attract applicants

Show off your skills, expertise, and more to bring in more qualified people you want to work with

Extend the lifespan of your website

When customized for your growth trajectory, your business won’t outgrow your website overnight 

Design & feature flexibility

If you can dream up a feature, we can design and build it fast

Improve user experience

User-friendly websites bring in more potential customers and boost your bottom line

Enhance website scalability

Easily scale up or down with growth or during high-or-low-traffic seasons without sacrificing performance

Industries our custom websites serve

Custom website creation process

A strategic, partnered process

  • 01. Set Your Goals and Requirements

    Because we build websites with only your needs in mind, we can make them do just about anything. Sometimes figuring out exactly what you need is the hardest part! 

    What does success look like for your website?

    You may want increased quality lead form conversions, reduced time spent on internal processes, better SEO, or something else. Or, analytics aside, you might simply need an updated, modern web experience. We’re invested in your success, so we’re happy to help as you decide what matters most. 

    What’s your minimum viable product (MVP)?

    Does your industry or business have strict security guidelines? Do you need integrations with third-party tools like Salesforce or HubSpot? Do you need an API? Do you need a custom content management system (CMS) or database for specific business information? We love supporting all of these things, and it’s important to identify the minimum requirements for launch.

    What’s your budget?

    While we know that a high-quality website is an investment in your future, we also appreciate that every development project has budget and time constraints. 

    We’ll work with you to determine the best timeline and technologies for your business and choose a tech stack that will be well-supported for many years to come.

  • 02. Discovery & Research

    We’ll explore the details of your project with user experience (UX) research using a series of in-depth user interviews and analyses. We’ll also audit your current website to better understand your users. Using state-of-the-art tools corroborated by years of experience, we’ll examine your current top traffic sources, bounce rate, engagement time, most visited pages, landing page traffic, and overall navigability. 

    No matter the type of website we build together, we’ll figure out who needs to use your website, how users are finding you, and with what intentions and knowledge they arrive. We’ll use this information to design user experiences that address their core needs.

  • 03. Strategy & Design

    From here, we’ll design a site map reflecting keywords you’re likely to rank well for. We'll design your website for easy navigation and optimize it for search engines, driving more traffic and, ultimately, conversions. Beyond simply classifying data, we use principles of information architecture (IA) to organize information on your website with UX, searchability, and scalability in mind.

    We’ll simultaneously begin designing the features you need on your website, carefully considering the technical requirements to build them. Then, we’ll create wireframes to help you visualize your website’s function and alignment. Wireframes allow us to evaluate web page UX without full design or backend programming, saving valuable time and resources. 

    Once your wireframes are approved, we’ll move on to high-fidelity (hi-fi) design. Sometimes called “mockups,” hi-fi design allows you to see fully designed visual representations of website elements incorporated with your branding.

  • 04. Customized Content Strategy

    We’ll consider your content marketing needs throughout the development process and build for SEO and its many far-reaching implications. Once your website is completed, we can also continue to help attract more of your audience via ongoing content strategy, including content creation, blogs, social media, link building, paid advertising (PPC), and more.

  • 05. Development

    Our professional, efficient, and friendly developers are experienced and adept at determining the technologies that best fit your needs well into the future. We build everything from websites to web applications to APIs and more using best practices. 

    With versatile developers comfortable doing front-end and back-end work, our team is committed to web accessibility. Our development process is efficient while still allowing for heavyweight tasks and the realities of meticulous work in a dynamic, competitive field.

  • 06. Quality assurance

    Before and after launch, our ISTQB-certified quality assurance (QA) team will test and validate every aspect of your website, including its function, usability, security, performance, and cross-browser/device compatibility. We use QA best practices to verify that all links, buttons, forms, and interactive elements behave as expected and lead to their intended destinations. With the equipment, expertise, and resources to replicate real-life conditions, our QA team fosters confidence in the quality of your website. 

  • 07. Launch

    Once our internal QA and testing is complete, we’ll put your website into staging before launch, so you and your team can see, review, and test your site in action. We’ll make changes based on your findings as needed, and then we’ll put your new website into production, set up testing, and smoke test before moving into continuous optimization.  

  • 08. Ongoing enhancements

    We aren’t the kind of shop to build a website and leave you to fend for yourself. We pride ourselves on following up and following through with the latest and greatest for our clients, and we will constantly look for new ways to iterate and improve your web presence. 

Members of our team working with a client as a partner

Partnered with you, from concept to code & beyond

We aren’t the type of agency to put your website out there just to leave you hanging. We’re invested in your success, and we want to support your continued growth. Though the cadence of follow-up may vary, consider the peace of mind a long-term partnership offers. As your needs evolve, we can make quick adjustments to keep you ahead of your competition.

Ongoing performance monitoring

We’ll regularly monitor your website’s performance, keeping your site in shape for search engines and users. 

Continue your marketing strategy

As we monitor analytics and gain insight into your visits and conversions over time, we’ll make suggestions on your behalf.

Create new features and update content

When you want new features or websites built, you’ll already have a relationship with a firm you can trust to do a great job.

Ensure top-notch website security

We’ll keep your website up-to-date with the latest security measures.

 Michael Barber Head shot

“..[They] think strategically on your behalf.”

Lots of firms will build you a website. I've hired many of them. Far fewer will actually take ownership and think strategically on your behalf. By the Pixel is one of the good ones, a true partner.

Michael Barber

Sr. Director, Growth Marketing

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