Web accessibility: more than just ADA compliance

We design and build web applications, websites, and more with an emphasis on accessibility to improve your market reach and SEO standing, protect you from legal action, and drive innovation.

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Beyond compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), accessibility is simply good business.

The world is increasingly welcoming to more people of all levels of ability every day, and this extends to the world wide web. And although there may be legal implications for not adhering to accessibility guidelines, there’s a compelling business case for embracing online accessibility, including improved market reach, SEO benefits, and a reputation for innovation. 

Minimize the risk of litigation

Many countries have strict laws that regulate accessibility, and the number of lawsuits in the US around web accessibility is on the rise. Increasingly, these cases are ruled in favor of equal access, citing the ADA. Considering the current global climate, it’s smart business to minimize this risk.

What web accessibility features should you expect?

At By the Pixel, we use a checklist that follows the latest web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG) to ensure accessibility in design, content, and development throughout our process.


  • Plenty of color contrast
  • Impactful and legible typography
  • Comprehensive and transparent sitemaps
  • Labels, buttons, and headings with clear purpose and direction
  • Intuitive tab flow
  • Visual cohesion and consistency across the website
  • Forms with useful and helpful error messages


  • Clear, concise content
  • Descriptive image alt text
  • Informative, unique page titles
  • Meaningful, well-structured headings
  • Keyword-rich anchor text that describes the link target
  • Captions and transcripts for on-page multimedia


  • Programmatic labels aligned with visual labels
  • Keyboard accessible interactive elements
  • Clearly identified page language
  • Structured information and relationships
  • Reversible pointer input
  • Code that is parsable by assistive technology

Improve your market reach

We design, write, and develop in alignment with ADA guidelines, not just because we have to, but also because we want to make it as easy as possible for as many people as possible to give you more business. 

We make websites and web applications that everyone can perceive, navigate, understand, and interact with, because when everyone has access to what you offer, it means more business for you.

Boost your SEO standing

It’s no secret that accessibility and SEO are intrinsically linked: when you optimize for one, you almost always see benefits in the other. Accessibility tools like screen readers and voice translators are not dissimilar from search engine crawlers in that they prioritize the user’s experience. For this reason, accessible websites tend to be more readily crawled and indexed, pushing them higher in search results.

…And grow your reputation as a brand who innovates

There is also a strong correlation between brands that value accessibility and a reputation for innovation. It turns out that solving accessibility problems in products and features often drives overall innovation and leads to a better end product for everyone ✅. 

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