Boldly pursuing the digital tomorrow, today

After a couple of years in the corporate grind, our founders envisioned a better way to do better work. And over a decade into this journey, our commitment to this vision keeps us poised to take on just about any challenge.

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What it’s
like to work with us

  1. Expertise

    With decades of combined work and experience, our friendly and knowledgeable team members are quick on their feet and eager to help.

  2. Tenacity

    We love to solve problems, and we don't balk at tough ones. We're dedicated to finding and implementing the best solutions, and we'll work tirelessly to deliver.

  3. Agility

    We understand how quickly industries and markets can evolve, and we have a proven track record for efficiently mobilizing resources to meet changing demands.

  4. A personal touch

    We take pride in understanding your industry, your business, and your individual needs to provide practical, tailored solutions.

  5. Partners in growth

    As partners, you'll have our full attention and investment in your future. Our success depends on yours.

  6. Just the right amount of fun

    Any shop can build you a web application or website, but it's not always an enjoyable experience.

We're a remote team of 19 talented coworkers, across 11 states, founded in Denver, CO.

We're a remote team of 19 talented coworkers, across 11 states, founded in Denver, CO.
  • Wouter Reyniers, BTP chief operating officer and co-founder, poses for a picture

    Wouter Reyniers

    Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder

  • Kyle Krukar, BTP chief design officer and co-founder, poses for a photo

    Kyle Krukar

    Chief Design Officer and Co-Founder

  • Roeland Reyniers, BTP chief technology officer and co-founder, poses for a photo

    Roeland Reyniers

    Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

  • Turner Walters, BTP Director of Accounts, poses for a photo

    Turner Walters

    Director of Accounts

  • Carla Bobak, BTP Director of Development, poses for a photo

    Carla Bobak

    Director of Development

  • Jennica Ramones, BTP lead developer, poses for a photo

    Jennica Ramones

    Lead Developer

Meet our favorite furry and feathered teammates 😺🐶🦜

Don't be surprised when they weigh in on team meetings: we value their opinions, too!

Our Core Values

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    We listen first, and we value authentic, earnest relationships. When you work with us, we're all on the same team.

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    We're thrilled to confront new and interesting problems, and we nurture smart people who create and provide valuable, agile solutions.

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    Our work environment is creative and collaborative. Everyone brings their unique talents and ideas, and we aren’t afraid to be ourselves.

An Extension of Your Team
Our clients love working with us.. and vice versa.
  • 5.0

  • 5.0

Michael Barber

“..[They] think strategically on your behalf.”

Lots of firms will build you a website. I've hired many of them. Far fewer will actually take ownership and think strategically on your behalf. By the Pixel is one of the good ones, a true partner.

Michael Barber

Sr. Director, Growth Marketing