Pixel yourself here.

A U.S. map with headshots of By the Pixel employees in their respective home states

If you're looking for a new way to work, and you have a passion for making work better for everyone, then look no further: By the Pixel is a place where you can grow your career, build connections, and do what you love.

And you can do it from anywhere!

Though we are based in Denver, CO, we function as a fully remote agency. This means we have coworkers joining calls from the beaches of Northern California to the Rocky Mountain west, coastal Florida, and beyond.

As a practiced remote agency, we understand the importance of staying connected with one another and our partners. This means we make a conscious effort to collaborate and foster continued growth as individuals, teammates, and partners.


  1. Competitive salary

    With upward mobility and other opportunities to earn more

  2. Plenty of PTO

    That you're actually encouraged to use

  3. 9 paid company holidays per year

    Celebrate with your family and friends

  4. Full health, dental, and vision benefits

    A healthy team is a happy team

  5. Company-matched retirement

    We want you to succeed for the long haul

  6. Healthy, encouraged work/life balance

    For when personal things need to get done, too

  7. Fully remote environment

    WFH since before it was cool

  8. Company-sponsored continuing education

    Proud to help team members grow their careers

  9. The best coworkers 🙂

    Friendly, helpful, and unpretentious expertise

What our employees say about working here