The 5 best AI chatbots of 2024

Have you ever questioned whether the customer service agent you were speaking to was an actual human? The future is now, and nowhere is this more clear than in the customer service process.

Multicolored chat bubbles float on a black background

As chatbots become more and more commonplace, this system has been revamped and revitalized. A chatbot is a function of artificial intelligence (AI) in which a robot simulates human conversation and is often programmed to answer common questions about a brand, service, or industry. These days, it's difficult to keep up with the number of chatbots being introduced and the number of capabilities they are constantly developing. To help you understand this branch of AI technology, we’ve created a list of 2024’s best AI chatbots.

1. ChatGPT

Launched in November of 2022, ChatGPT has become synonymous with AI. Rather than only being narrowed to a certain business, ChatGPT is programmed to answer questions related to just about anything. Users can prompt the service with broad questions like “What’s the average price of a house?” or use stricter parameters like “What’s the average price of a house in Los Angeles, California?” Either way, ChatGPT will answer by drawing on the huge amount of data it was trained to learn. ChatGPT has faced controversy because it makes it easy for students to cheat. If a student needs an essay on The Civil War, for example, ChatGPT will supply one. This tool has become the face of AI, and it has earned this acclaim through the vast amount of information it possesses.

2. Jasper

Some chatbot services have a particular niche, and content writing is definitely Jasper’s. Jasper aims to produce writing in the form of ads, songs, lists, and more. If someone needs to draft a book report, they can request one from Jasper. This chatbot is flexible in that it shifts tone and word choice based on the kind of writing needed. This means users can chat with Jasper and offer tailored suggestions like “Can you make this more comedic?” or “Change this so that it reads more formally.” Furthermore, the system can produce content in more than thirty languages. Chatting with Jasper is meant to feel like collaboration with a co-writer rather than prompting a robot to do your work for you.

3. Microsoft Copilot

In February of 2023, one of the tech world’s biggest giants introduced their version of an AI chatbot. Microsoft Copilot, which is divided into a few different sections, is free for all to use. Copilot brands itself as a designer, vacation planner, cooking assistant, and personal trainer, with each category configured to help with a specific topic. Copilot is filled with vivid colors and proudly describes its various capabilities. This chatbot can write recipes, come up with jokes, and offer bits of advice. One of Copilot’s strengths is that it has an awareness of current events, so topical issues and trends can be woven into its responses.  Not only does Copilot have great brand recognition, it also delivers excellent results.

4. Khanmigo

The next bot on our list makes studying simpler. Khan Academy, a popular tutoring service known for its high quality, has now launched an AI chatbot that specializes in academia. Whereas many chatbots have been accused of enabling cheating, Khanmigo focuses on teaching instead. This chatbot can help students solve math problems, walk them through literary analysis, or give them tips to memorize history facts. Students can request clarification when something confuses them, and Khanmigo will do its best to help them understand. Rather than simply feeding answers, making learning easier is Khanmigo’s purpose. Try out this chatbot if you want a modern tutoring experience.

5. Character.AI

For those with active imaginations, Character.AI offers an engaging fantasy experience. While many chatbots are built for work, this bot is a source of lighthearted fun. With Character.AI, users can engage in conversation with fictional characters and celebrities. The bot is trained to model the conversational patterns of whoever a user has chosen to “talk” to, thus creating a fun platform for playing make-believe. With its “alternate timeline” feature, Character.AI can transport you to different periods in time. Here, users can explore historical events and see how they would have changed if alternate decisions were made. This immersive chatbot offers a chance to delve into past, future, and fictional universes.

AI chatbots at By the Pixel

As chatbots grow in type and capability, we all work tirelessly to find more innovative ways to use them. Here at By the Pixel, we’ve adapted large language models (LLMs) to do amazing, time- and cost-saving things for our business partners. Though we aren’t the type of shop to force new technology where it doesn’t make sense, we love using new technology in new ways to better serve our clients. No matter your industry or location, we can customize chatbots and so much more to do the most for you.