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Harnessing the power of technology, our digital strategy helps define and exceed your goals, improve workflows, and scale for growth while never losing sight of what matters most.

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Design thinking for digital strategy

You may know design thinking as a “nonlinear, human-oriented problem-solving process in which we abandon preconceived notions about problems and tackle them in new ways.” 

We use this way of thinking at By the Pixel to approach business strategy holistically and stay people and solutions-oriented.

While you may not need every step outlined here, we’ll always start with empathy, no matter where else we meet in the process. 



We begin our research phase by listening. Then we delve into your business by auditing existing systems, analyzing available data, performing competitor analysis, and more. 



Synthesizing our research findings, we’ll identify actionable pain points, align on goals, and plan how to measure success. 



Ideation is the “brainstorming” phase, so we’ll explore all potentially viable options, without limiting ourselves to current trends or “what we’ve always done.”



Though there are no bad ideas, some solutions from the ideation phase are more elegant and address problems more directly than others. Here we prototype the best solutions with just enough fidelity to test if/how they might work.



Testing is an ongoing, iterative process in which we continue to adapt the initial prototype based on feedback gleaned from your users, preferences, industry trends, our arsenal of analytic tools, and other benchmarks. 



This is not actually a stage in the universal definition of design thinking, but it’s important to us that we emphasize that we continue to evolve in a global, long-term way, no matter how the digital landscape shifts. 

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Not sure what software or other solutions you need?

With so many digital enhancements available to businesses today, it’s easy to get distracted and lose sight of your goals. But don’t worry: we use expertise honed by decades of experience and supported by data to help you pin down what you really need from us, no matter how simple or complex.

We might be a great fit if you’ve ever thought:

Our competitor’s branding is really sharp. Maybe it’s time to update ours.

I wonder how customers are finding me. Is there a way to track that?

I can barely navigate our company website, and we get complaints about it all the time. 

How can I generate more traffic and qualified leads from people who really want to find me?

My business has kind of outgrown our current website, but the service I used to build it won’t let me add in more data or features to help my workflow.

Wow, it would be fantastic if my customer service reps didn’t have to update inventory in three different places every time they make a sale.

I’m so tired of tracking every detail of every order on this spreadsheet! There must be an easier way…

We worked with a web development agency for a long time, but there are still so many issues with our site.

We could save so much time if it was easier to find things on our website.

Here for you when “next” becomes “now”...and beyond

Digital growth doesn’t happen overnight, even though technological evolution can be head spinning, even for those of us in the biz. That’s why our process keeps people - users, partners, and other stakeholders - as the focal point of every project, no matter the size, type, or duration.

Why choose By the Pixel

By the Pixel is a full-service web development company based in Denver, CO . We specialize in tailored digital solutions for B2B and B2C clients near and far. Our talented teams strategize to design, develop, and maintain high-profile digital services that engage people, strengthen brands, and create value for our clients.

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