Software Consulting Through Technical Discovery

We’ll start with the big picture and work down to the details to discover the right digital solutions for your business, regardless of industry, size, location, or type.

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Discover how technology can boost your bottom line

Not sure where to start, but feel that things could be better? Our technical discovery phase can identify workflow inefficiencies, find data entry redundancies, and visualize what software success looks like for your business.

Clarify your goals

Discovery allows you to more clearly understand the real-life state of your business, dig deep into your goals, and imagine how technology can bring the two together.

Get better estimates with better project scoping

Our team closely collaborates with yours to fully understand your unique project needs, offering multiple options for feature sets and price expectations. This approach informs detailed estimates and opportunities to pivot when needed. 

Identify stakeholders & their pain points

Who are your users, and what’s holding them back? We’ll ask a LOT of questions to find out what matters most and to whom to make practical, relevant technology recommendations.

Choose the right tech for the long haul

Always thinking on your behalf, we’ll research your company and market to recommend software, tools, and features that offer the best ROI, even as you scale and grow. We won’t limit you to only the things we build, either: we’re happy to recommend and integrate with the excellent 3rd party tools that are already out there. 

Assess & plan ahead for operational risks

Some software enhancements or migrations can threaten processes and data down the line. We’ll help you identify and plan for these risks ahead of time.  

Out-tech your competition

Finding the best technology for your project and an action plan to make it happen ultimately translates to better performance, user experiences, and conversions.

What our clients say about our discovery process and results

Headshot image of Sarah Vergara

“They provide multiple options and go beyond our expectations to look at where we stand and how we view things.”

They’re always willing to go the extra mile and want to help. Their demeanor is friendly, which makes them really easy to work with. They provide multiple options and go beyond our expectations to look at where we stand and how we view things. Additionally, UX is one of their biggest strengths.

Sarah Vergara

Senior Digital Media Strategist, CableLabs

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By the Pixel is a full service web development company based in Denver, CO specializing in tailored digital solutions for B2B and B2C clients near and far. Our talented teams strategize together to design, develop, and maintain a range of high profile digital services which engage people, strengthen brands, and create value for our clients.

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