By the Pixel Invests in Employees: Introducing BTP.U

Since By the Pixel came to life over a decade ago, our owners have striven to do better work in better ways. This core aspiration has extended, returned, and grown in ways they never thought possible during the company’s infancy, including the opportunity to invest in the growth of employees. 

How do we support professional development?

By the Pixel remains committed to supporting career evolution. We provide access to educational tools like courses, certifications, books, conferences, and other enrichment activities related to current positions. 

Always committed to teamwork as well, we promote knowledge sharing within the company via events like DevChat, and we provide employees ample time to gain knowledge while on the clock. Employees are encouraged to actively seek growth that is directly related to and adjacent to their current or desired job titles. 

So what’s new with BTP.U?

Our most recent addition to professional development support is named “BTP.U” to reflect the university/school aspect of education while also emphasizing the process being about you (as it addresses each employee). BTP.U formally allocates an annual budget toward continuing education for each employee, giving us an easy way to grow professionally and hold one another accountable for ongoing career development. 

What does the BTP.U educational budget cover?

By the Pixel employees are encouraged to use their educational allotment toward conferences (including ticket costs, accommodations, and some travel expenses), books (digital or physical), online courses, time, or other discretionary expenses. 

What makes BTP.U unique?

Because By the Pixel also supports our people outside of work, we recognize that not everyone has free time to devote to continuing education off the clock. For this reason, we allow employees to use their BTP.U budget toward training during normal working hours. 

Our management team is dedicated to growing confident and capable team members who are ready to take on any challenge. And a major part of that mission includes continuing education guidance and support.


The flexibility that BTP.U affords is priceless for many of our coworkers. There are times in every employee’s career when spending $5,000 toward conference expenses is far more valuable to their professional development than a $100 online course, and other times when reading an e-book will net more positive growth than a networking event. Our leaders are committed to helping us find the best opportunities and the best way to foster individual growth, both professionally and personally.

The most important thing is that we have plenty of options, flexibility, and fantastic people supporting our growth into the best version of ourselves we can be at By the Pixel and in the world at large. We hope that these processes continue to nurture the culture of learning that is so integral to our company’s success, and we look forward to continuing to learn together.

Interested in a career at By the Pixel?

Check us out and give us a shout. We’d love to have you on this ride with us!