Simplifying healthcare access for millions

We partner with Solv to improve healthcare access and processes for patients and providers on a national scale.

Person booking a covid test through location directory

About Solv

Solv is an Oakland-based startup that uses advancing technology to reduce the stress of healthcare for both consumers and healthcare professionals. 

Solv partners with thousands of healthcare providers in the United States to deliver high-quality, convenient care that’s simple, friendly, and transparent. Since their launch in 2016, Solv has facilitated over 27 million appointment bookings through their platform and continues to expand into new specialties and locations.


B2C Location Directory

Custom SEO Analytics Engine

B2B Website

Interactive Coverage Maps

White Labeled Booking Microsites


By the Pixel is hired to build, which grew into the #1 searchable database of urgent care centers nationwide.


Solv acquires, making the location directory a pillar of their business. Solv retains By the Pixel to continue managing the location directory.


By the Pixel serves as a core technology partner, extending Solv’s development capabilities and providing agile development of new features and products. 

By the Pixel has worked with Solv for over five years, becoming a true partner that works across a wide range of features and products. 

User-friendly & comprehensive B2C location directory

This searchable database enables healthcare consumers to find providers across the United States using a localized faceted search.

The location directory has grown with Solv to support upwards of a million pages, all rendered server-side to maximize their search engine optimization (SEO) goals. Healthcare consumers can now easily search and book online beyond urgent care, finding locations and appointment slots that provide primary care, specialist care, labs, ancillary services, and more, driving more traffic to both Solv and their partners. 

Easy to use B2C location directory, with a location highlighted and booking times shown.

Custom SEO analytics engine

Since the core of their mission is all about connecting patients and providers, search engine optimization (SEO) is integral to Solv’s business. In order to help them fine-tune their SEO strategy, we built a standalone analytics engine (a custom web application) that allows them to:

  • Target relevant keywords by location
  • Gain insight into local market fluctuations
  • Determine and analyze competitors

Using this SEO analytics engine, Solv can now determine search rankings based on specific keywords in specific locations. This enables them to track and compare rank changes in different geographical locations, all from a single application. 

Conversion-driven B2B marketing website

We built a highly-converting marketing website to help Solv’s sales team meet their ambitious goals. This website’s audience is healthcare providers who are interested in Solv’s software: it contains a blog, marketing content, contact forms, and search/claim your practice features, all specifically tailored for busy healthcare providers.

Once providers verify their business listing, the contact form seamlessly integrates with Solv’s customer relationship management (CRM) systems for easy follow-up by their sales team.

B2c marketing screens for the Solv site

AI chatbot concierge

We helped Solv utilize a GPT-4 LLM hosted by Azure OpenAI Service to provide a tailored online concierge service. The resulting chatbot retrieves important information for visitors as they ask, including hours, insurance, and booking information. 

During this project, we also helped Solv develop safeguards to prevent the chatbot from providing medical advice or incorrectly storing protected health information while still providing a meaningful user experience.

White-labeled booking microsites customizable to provider locations

Solv’s booking technology has long been industry-leading, which gave them an opportunity to sell it as a standalone product. To help Solv capitalize on this opportunity, we created a white-labeled microsite feature that allows provider locations to display their unique branding within the Solv software suite.

This also allows healthcare providers to easily display and fulfill online booking directly from their own websites without additional integrations or development. 

White labeled microsite for booking for health providers
Illustration of someone coming into a healthcare visit

Increased tech capacity for an integrated partner

One of the biggest ways we help Solv is by serving as a proving ground for new features, page types, or other ideas. Our long-term understanding of their goals and our quick acting allows us to take these new ideas (as a minimum viable product (MVP) or proof-of-concept) for a spin before Solv performs a larger rollout. This help’s Solv’s team analyze the value of the new idea and allows us to predict future needs if/when the idea comes to fruition on a larger scale.  

Finding solutions to serious engineering challenges is fundamental to Solv’s business, which requires performance at scale in the demanding and unpredictable healthcare industry. By the Pixel provides invaluable burstability, flexibility, agility, and deep technical expertise that enables Solv to create features that reach tens of millions of healthcare consumers and providers every month.

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“..[They] think strategically on your behalf.”

Lots of firms will build you a website. I've hired many of them. Far fewer will actually take ownership and think strategically on your behalf. By the Pixel is one of the good ones, a true partner.

Michael Barber

Sr. Director, Growth Marketing