Custom CRM and website builder for student health insurance

We continue to partner with Florida-based Health Sciences Assurance Consulting (HSAC) so they can focus on serving future healthcare professionals.

Man on computer using the customer relationship management system made by By the Pixel.

About HSAC

Incorporated in 1997, Health Sciences Assurance Consulting (HSAC) is a health insurance broker that serves health science graduate students and their programs.

HSAC is a longtime client that predates By the Pixel itself; our established business partnership continues to evolve thanks to our commitment to deliver products aligned with their values, goals, and constraints. 

We know before beginning any project with HSAC that anything we create should help them serve their mission of "providing professional healthcare solutions for tomorrow’s healthcare professional."



UX Research

UI Design

App Development


Student Enrollment System

Custom CRM

Submission Inbox

Working closely with HSAC staff, we identified a few key pre-existing pain-points for us to focus on:

Negative public perception

The website students used to waive or enroll in health plans was outdated, which undermined confidence when the students needed to input sensitive personal data. The outdated website also created a sales hurdle for HSAC to win new clients.

Limited scalability

HSAC’s existing platform imposed limitations on new feature development, automation, and integrations. This limited their capacity to bring on new clients and created additional work for HSAC’s staff.

Cascading data management problems

Relying on third party apps to manage student data left opportunities for error wide open and led to repetitive and time-consuming manual processes.

With the challenges and goals identified, we targeted solutions to yield the greatest ROI.

Customizable & consistent school portal redesign

The white-labeled portal is now easy for schools to incorporate with their own branding, and the school sites are powered by a structured backend that ensures consistency across all instances.. 

Student portal screen on desktop and mobile

Confidence-inspiring student enrollment system

The updated design is clean, modern, and user friendly, so students feel more positive and assured when inputting personal information. 

Insurance enrollment form on HSAC for students

All student data, easily managed in one place

We built a custom CRM that keeps the HSAC team working off a single, shared information source that is always up-to-date & securely backed up.
This means they spend less time managing data and more time serving students.

Customer relationship management screens

Updated technology to future-proof processes

To move HSAC away from their cumbersome Microsoft Access database, we rebuilt their app in PHP using the Laravel framework. We then created private APIs to communicate with our vision VueJS single page application.

This updated technology, now served by Amazon Web Services (AWS), eliminates technical debt and lays a foundation for continued growth, including new productivity-driving features like automation and integrations.

Simplified processes for data review and management

We built a custom form submission inbox that allows HSAC staff to quickly review & merge data as it rolls in. This speeds up form reviews, which was one of the team’s most time-consuming processes.

Once the data is in and reviewed, HSAC’s team can also perform bulk actions to change “student,” “coverage,” or any other fields. 

Student portal screen


The updated submission inbox saves time and reduces the number of data entry errors.

The custom CRM speeds up data management processes for HSAC staff.

Affiliated schools are able to apply their own branding to the school portal, building trust with students.

Updated technology will accommodate future growth as HSAC’s needs evolve.