The six best AI detectors of 2024

We’ve created a list of some of the most popular AI detectors so you can determine which one will be most effective for your purposes.

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AI, or artificial intelligence, is a form of technology growing more prominent by the day. From healthcare to transportation, many industries are embracing AI in order to increase efficiency within business operations. In many cases, AI is a double-edged sword: while it may promote productivity, it can also discourage creativity. Students have begun using AI as a means to commit academic dishonesty, ultimately limiting their own potential by letting technology do the work for them. AI-related plagiarism can also be seen in the workplace and in job applications. 

For these reasons, it’s important that schools and employers have access to tools that can identify AI-generated content. These tools flag AI-generated content so it doesn’t fly under the radar and pass as authentic. We’ve created a list of some of the most popular AI detectors so you can determine which one will be most effective for your purposes.

1. Copyleaks

When searching for an AI detection tool, one should prioritize reliability above all else. The goal is to avoid false positives, wherein original content is incorrectly identified as AI. One advantage of Copyleaks, a website used to detect plagiarism, is that it has a false positive rate of only 0.2%. This makes it easier to prevent writers from being wrongfully accused of AI use. Copyleaks also functions in thirty languages, so it is accessible for companies across the world. 

With consistently stellar customer reviews, Copyleaks has proven instrumental in combating plagiarism. Even its website proudly states that Copyleaks is “empowering originality and inspiring authenticity.” 

2. ZeroGPT

If you’re aiming for convenience, ZeroGPT might be the way to go. This tool has been hailed for its ease of use, as the website’s model is as simple as pasting text into a box and allowing ZeroGPT to work its magic. Sentences that appear to have been created using AI will be highlighted, giving users insight into which portions of content are not original. ZeroGPT is also free, making it a better fit for those with budget constraints, and it has the capability to analyze multiple files at once. ZeroGPT works well for people who need to identify AI but don’t have extra money to spend on more complex tools. 

3. Originality.AI

Teamwork is essential in many work environments, and Originality.AI can be an excellent resource when working closely with others. Say you and your coworkers are all reviewing one document: Originality.AI allows users to add additional people to one project and to share results when AI detection is completed. This leads to more accessible communication between teammates, and it keeps everyone up-to-date on submissions that are under review by the AI detection tool. This particular tool is frequented by agencies where several people are working together on specific projects. By checking for AI content and plagiarism, Originality.AI preserves originality and prevents cheating.

4. Winston

The next AI detector on our list prides itself on speed and accuracy. Not only does Winston boast a 99.98% rate of accuracy, it also analyzes content and provides information within seconds. One of Winston’s unique features is that it can actually review handwritten work; this could be especially useful for teachers grading student work. Much like ZeroGPT, Winston is both free and very simple to use. It has the capability to examine content in English, Spanish, German, and French. If users need to analyze additional content, they can pay a fee to have the tool inspect more words. 

5. Undetectable.AI

As AI detection is necessary in so many fields, the topic has generated much interest in lauded publications. Undetectable.AI in particular has amassed acclaim from noted sources like Forbes and Tech & Learning. Known for its accuracy, Undetectable.AI is trusted by businesses and individuals alike. Unfortunately, Undetectable.AI can also be utilized by those hoping to get away with submitting AI-generated content to a teacher or employer. This company has a tool that “humanizes” AI, tweaking AI writing so that it appears to have been written organically. Businesses should be aware of services like this when scrutinizing content. 

6. ContentDectector.Ai

In terms of sheer simplicity, ContentDetector.AI might be the winning product on this list. With a very basic layout, this website is a great choice for someone who isn’t so tech savvy. Users can paste in suspicious text, and ContentDectector.AI will swiftly scan it for signs of AI. This platform also supplies a score indicating the percent likelihood that the pasted words were written organically.

The Future of AI

As the digital world continues to evolve, AI will become an increasing presence in our lives. Artificial intelligence, though transformative in many positive ways, also has the power to do harm. At its worst, it enables plagiarism. Now that you have a better understanding of some of the best AI detection tools, you will be armed with the ability to identify AI use where it doesn’t belong.