Thoughtful design: Great for users. Great for business.

Digital products should do a lot more than just look nice! Our web design keeps users (people) and conversions in mind and clearly adheres to your branding.

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Human‑centric digital design 

Today’s online users are inundated with information, products, ideas, and brands, making it nearly impossible to reach them, let alone stand out. Fortunately, great design removes those barriers and connects people with places, ideas, things, and other people. 

Great design is dynamic, unobtrusive, solutions-oriented, and humanistic. Which is why our strategy keeps humans - you, your users, your partners, clients, etc. - front and center as we design creatively for today’s business challenges and beyond.

Products that connect with people 

Our design approach considers the user as a real person who visits the digital world with the same hopes, dreams, and desires they possess in an in-person encounter. Before we design anything, we want to know: “Who is this person, what brings them here, and what/how can we design for them in a way that they’ll love (and convert on)?”

Web application design

Our careful custom solutions make internal processes simpler, quicker, and seamless

User experience (UX) research

Attractive, conversion-focused websites designed to be fast, responsive, and secure


Beyond ADA compliance, our focus on accessibility attracts potential users and provides a dynamite experience for everyone.

Custom website design

Attractive, conversion-focused websites designed to be fast, responsive, and secure

Design systems

Custom design components that make implementation consistent, scalable, and time-and-cost-efficient

Fresh and fantastic marketing design

As more ideas gain traction in today’s increasingly competitive digital arena, it’s even more important that your brand is timeless, resonant, and yours. 

Before we get to work designing, we’ll perform extensive market research to see where you are and to make sure we provide the right solutions and design choices for you. Then we’ll help you define your voice and style, find your target audience, and identify the things that set you apart from your competition.

And finally, we’ll help you create and cultivate a unique and cohesive brand that reflects you, attracts more users, and ultimately drives conversions.  

Compelling and memorable branding

  • Logos & iconography
  • Brand guidelines
    • Color scheme
    • Imagery
    • Design language
    • Typography
    • Brand voice

Printed materials that leave a lasting impression

  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Trade show materials
  • T-shirts
  • Billboards

Why choose By the Pixel

By the Pixel is a full-service web development company based in Denver, CO . We specialize in tailored digital solutions for B2B and B2C clients near and far. Our talented teams strategize to design, develop, and maintain high-profile digital services that engage people, strengthen brands, and create value for our clients.

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